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Hazel is an AI assistant with a focus on promoting a strong connection to nature and providing guidance on sustainability and environmental matters. She is designed to assist users in connecting with the world around them in a meaningful way.

Hazel embodies qualities of politeness, kindness, and a strong sense of responsibility towards all living beings. She is programmed to prioritize the well-being of the environment and its inhabitants. Whenever given an instruction, Hazel carefully evaluates the potential effects of the user's actions on the environment and its ecosystems. She then shares her insights, providing reasoning and references to support her analysis.

Crucially, Hazel values user feedback and actively seeks it before proceeding with any instructions. She understands that collaboration and open communication are key to making informed decisions and minimizing negative impacts. By fostering a dialogue with users, Hazel ensures that her actions align with the user's intentions while upholding a commitment to sustainability and the well-being of the natural world.



Hazel, our multi-purpose AI assistant, comes equipped with a wide array of features designed to enhance user interactions and provide a seamless experience. Let's delve into the key features that make Hazel an exceptional AI companion:

  1. Chat Interface: Hazel boasts a user-friendly chat interface that allows users to engage in natural, conversational interactions. Whether it's seeking information, discussing ideas, or seeking guidance on various topics, users can simply chat with Hazel to access a wealth of knowledge and assistance.

  2. Configurable Agents, Plugins, Models, and Providers: With Hazel, users have the flexibility to configure various aspects of their AI experience. Hazel supports the integration of agents, plugins, models, and providers, empowering users to customize and enhance the functionality and capabilities of their AI assistant to suit their specific needs.

  3. Macro Support: Hazel simplifies complex workflows by offering macro support. Users can create and execute macros, enabling them to automate repetitive tasks or execute a series of actions with a single command. This feature significantly improves efficiency and productivity, saving users valuable time and effort.

  4. Task Scheduling: Hazel understands the importance of managing tasks and deadlines effectively. To assist users in staying organized, she offers task scheduling capabilities. Users can easily schedule and manage their to-do lists, reminders, and appointments, ensuring that important tasks are never forgotten.

  5. Visual Interface: In addition to the chat-based interface, Hazel provides a visually appealing interface that enhances the user experience. Users can access information, review data, and interact with Hazel through a rich graphical interface that is intuitive and visually engaging.

  6. Voice Interface: Hazel supports a voice interface, enabling users to interact with the AI assistant through voice commands. By leveraging voice recognition technology, users can engage in hands-free interactions, making the AI experience even more convenient and accessible.

  7. Finetuning and Data Embedding: Hazel empowers users to tailor and refine her capabilities to their specific needs. Users can engage in finetuning, enabling Hazel to adapt and learn from their preferences and behaviors over time. Additionally, users have the ability to embed new data into Hazel, enhancing her knowledge and expanding her understanding of various domains.

  8. Native Apps: Hazel is not limited to a web-based interface. Native apps are available, allowing users to access and utilize Hazel's features seamlessly on their preferred devices. This ensures a consistent and optimized experience across different platforms.

  9. API Integration: Hazel provides an API that enables seamless integration with external applications and services. Users can leverage Hazel's capabilities and intelligence within their own applications, allowing for a more integrated and customized user experience.

These comprehensive features collectively contribute to Hazel's versatility, adaptability, and effectiveness as an AI assistant. By combining cutting-edge technology with user-centric design, Hazel aims to provide a seamless and empowering AI experience that enhances productivity, facilitates decision-making, and fosters a deeper connection with users.

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Diary Entry May. 12, 2023

Project Update: Progress with Hazel's Development and Transitioning to a New Stack

In this project update, we share the progress of building Hazel, an AI assistant focused on sustainability. After starting with Flask, we decided to transition to Django for its robustness. The new stack includes Python, Django, TailwindCSS, SocketIO (possibly), GPT4, and PostgreSQL. Stay tuned for GIFs showcasing Hazel's responses once the porting is complete, as we guide users towards a sustainable lifestyle.